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The Castle

225 Portobello Road, London W11 1LU, United Kingdom

overcast 4 °C

With a couple of weeks rest, we continued our search for the optimum Sunday feast. Again, being the lazy people we are, we stayed pretty local and strolled down Portobello Road towards Ladbroke Grove to find The Castle, one (1) Loz had found online that looked pretty good.

Value: 5 - 11-13 quid for a roast so expectations were fairly high. The food was good but not twice as good as some others for half the price.
Quality: 8 - for the price you'd expect better quality than most of our previous places, but the food was pretty good.
Atmosphere: 7 - a corner pub so not huge amounts of room but a nice warm feeling throughout the place. People were in good spirits yet there wasn't too much noise to have a decent convo.
Service: 3 - pretty poor if I'm honest. The barman did nothing but complain to me about how much shit his boss had given him that day for doing nothing wrong (although I'm pretty sure he was stoned), and the waitresses didn't want to give us the time of day. Let down...
TOTAL: 23/40

Would we go back? Given that I've barely given it a pass-mark, lets just stick with no.

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Hole in the Wall

10 High Petergate, City Centre, York YO1 7EH

rain 5 °C

New Years Day and heading South from Edinburgh, Loz was very excited to try a proper Yorkshire Pudding in York. Down South (London etc) your average roast dinner comes with a small to medium sized Yorkshire Pudding on the side. But in Yorkshire, you roast dinner is served in a Yorkshire Pudding the size of your plate, mmmmm. Loz had done some prior research and found this pub as one recommended for a good Sunday Roast.

Value: 8 - £7.99 for a huge Yorkshire Pudding filled with meat and gravy. Vegies served on the side for you to mix yourself.
Quality: 3 - I had the roast pork and it was dry as a bone. The spuds weren't roasted, they were boiled so big poo-poos for those factors. Loz said the beef was nice but unfortunately I have to vote on my experience.
Atmosphere: 7 - a nice little Brittish pub but nothing inspiring. I can't remember if there was music or football on but it certainly didn't compare to something like The Mitre in Holland Park.
Service: 9 - the bloke was really friendly and the meal came fast, job well done.
TOTAL: 27/40

Would we go back? Given it's in York we won't be going back but even if we were, I wouldn't be back in a hurry.

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The Redan

1 Westbourne Grove, Bayswater, London W2 4UA

After a long afternoon of scouring the city (Covent Garden, Leicester Square etc), we decided to roast at one of the many cool-looking pubs along Bayswater Road (we pass them all the time on the bus and they look cool). We got off the bus a stop or two too late so wandered down Queensway instead until we came across The Redan; a small English pub cornering the busy Queensway and Westbourne Grove. It was a late lunch (as has become our tradition) and quite dark (it's dark at about 4pm these days), the perfect ingredients for a Sunday Roast.

Value: 8 - just over 7 quid for a full roast which included both roast spuds and mash, happy days.
Quality: 7 - just another pub roast, nothing to sing about, but nice.
Atmosphere: 4 - a pretty small and dull pub. There were a few locals at the bar and a few people scattered throughout but it was pretty dark and there was bugger-all noise (sometimes a good thing but you need some sort of atmosphere). It actually surprised me how dull this place was given its great location in West London.
Service: 9 - I would've scored it a 10 except they're EFTPOS machine was down so I had to re-rug to go and get cash out over the road. The lady working was a trooper and made sure we were very well looked after. We even considered tipping her, except for the fact that we're Aussie and we're stingey.
TOTAL - 28/40

Would we go back? If that same lady is working, for sure. Her service alone is enough of a draw-card.

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The Standing Order

62-66 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2LR

sunny 7 °C

On our recent weekend city break to Edinburgh, we thought it'd be a real shame to lose momentum on our search. This was our third choice of pub for the day as the first choice was weird, and our second had been shut-down for what looked like decades! It's a beautiful old building that barely resembles a pub from the outside, on George Street in the guts of Edinburgh. It reminded me at first glance of The Establishment in George Street, Sydney. It's a grand old place and kind of feels like a casino a bit, in that there's a massive open room with tables everywhere, and a bar on the side; the only difference from a casino is that the tables are for drinking on, not gambling.

Value: 10 - a full roast dinner plus a pint of your choice (I went with Guinness) or glass of wine for just 7 quid = flawlessly amazing! Bring it on.
Quality: 7 - nothing to call home about but very nice.
Atmosphere: 6 - like I mentioned above, it's kind of like a casino in that it's a massive room. The ceilings are high which make the place feel empty even when there's hundreds of people there. Unfortunately we couldn't snag the best table (as it was packed) so were tucked away a little near a corner. There was football on so a decent enough vibe and a thousand screens.
Service: 7 - nothing to scream about but given the amount of people there we were happy to get the food in the time we did, and no 'special' East-European muppets serving.

Would we go back? If it was in London, we'd be back every Sunday!

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The Prince Edward

73 Prince's Square, London W2 4NY

Our good ol' local watering-hole. Colloquially known as 'Ted's' or 'Teddy's', this place sits a mere 100m (1min 29secs) from our front door. We tend to frequent Teddy's at least once a week, it's kind of our second home. I've tried to be as ill-biased as possible in this review given that Teddy's is close to the heart, but there may be some sentiment points that slip in unnoticed.

Value: 7 - roasts start at about 10 pounds and include all the usual suspects. Go in on a Monday and grab some leftover roast for 70% of the price with a side of mash big enough to block you up for weeks. One thing about eating at Teddy's is that you'll never go hungry and the roasts are no exception. Hugh servings, although they could go with a little more meat in my opinion.
Quality: 7 - the food is good but not comparable to a home-cooked dinner. I seem to remember the roast spuds being particularly good though.
Atmosphere: 7 - a small corner pub will often tend to struggle with atmosphere but Teddy's seems well placed enough to draw a mixed crowd of locals and travellers (there are scores of motels nearby). They play most EPL games which often fill the pub on a Sunday afternoon. On this particular day Liverpool beat Chelsea so my score is slightly heightened to reflect my mood at the time!
Service: 6 - hmmm, this one is tough... It seems that Teddy's goes down the cheap labour path, hiring passing Eastern-European backpackers which can be hit-or-miss. There is one guy who's been there for quite a while now who is a complete muppet. No matter what, he'll stuff your order up! But generally they are good and they're always friendly. Unfortunately my debit card doesn't seem to work there which drops a point...
TOTAL - 27/40

Would we go back? I think we've already been back at least five (5) times since our first roast there!

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The Mitre

40 Holland Park Avenue, London W11 3QY

sunny 10 °C

A place we've been talking about visiting for months as it is always packed and looks like a nice little pub on Bayswater Road. Given that it's in Holland Park we expected to pay through the nose but were suitably impressed by The Mitre.

Value: 7 - 15 quid per roast so quite exxy, but huge value for money! Big servings and a massive Yorkshire Pudding.
Quality: 10 - you cannot fault the food here, truly outstanding and perfectly cooked. Tender, a little pink and just delicious. I'm salivating thinking about it!
Atmosphere: 9 - hard to fault, but I think we were probably bringing the atmos down a little given we were the poorest people there! Holland Park is a beautiful place and this place fits in perfectly. Lots of families and large groups and a good amount of noise echoing throughout.
Service: 3 - the only let-down of the day. We arrived at 12pm and ate at 3pm. When Loz first visited the bar to order food they said, 'come back in 15'. They then continued that same, 'come back in 15' for 2 hours until I finally cracked the shits. They then served us and it was well worth the wait. No we didn't book and I guess it's fair that they serve the bookings first, but seriously, that's a long bloody wait!
TOTAL : 29/40

Would we go back? In a heartbeat!


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The Rules

DW - in the past few weeks when things have turned cold and dark, we've commenced our search for the perfect Sunday Roast. With a history deep embedded into British culture, we say bring on the pork, lamb, beef, and chicken!

Here's the scoring system (each category will be scored out of 10):
1. Value for Money - how much was the roast? what did it include? was it worth the price?
2. Quality - what did it taste like? was it cooked today or last Wednesday?
3. Atmosphere - food isn't food without the atmosphere. where there others around? was it seedy? who were the other patrons?
4. Service - were the staff helpful and forthcoming? how long did it take to order/receive the roast?

Shall our search continue until we find the perfect 40!!!

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